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Welcome to The Key First Nation
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Chief and Councilors

Acting Chief David D. Cote 306-594-7132


Shirley Brass-Health and Welfare 306-594-7352
Gerry Papequash-Housing and Public Works 306-594-4132
Alternates-Lands, Ec Dev, Roads, Pelly Haylands 306-594-7132
Gilda Dokuchie-Education and Employment, Sports/Culture/Recreation 306-594-7292

Our Mission
The purpose of The Key First Nation Council is to Lead, Direct and Provide programs and services that meet the needs of all The Key First Nation Members.

Our Vision
Protection and Enhancement of our Treaty and Inherent rights and we are seen as being fair in the provision of programs and services to The Key First Nation band members.

The Key First Nation has numerous amounts of events coming your way! Take a look and see.

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